Pivot with a Purpose: A Small Business Workshop

As small business owners, we are all adapting to an unprecedented situation. See our full 60-minute webinar hosted by Irlana Ho of Culture Pivot LLC to learn how we can pivot and lead by example.

About this Webinar

Now more than ever before, we must unlock the full potential of our small businesses and teams. You may offer certain products, services or solutions, but why? When we stop and think, “How did I get here in the first place?” we are able to hone in on our original purpose, vision and mission.



Irlana Ho, M.A. – Global Organizational Development Consultant, Owner of Culture Pivot LLC.

Irlana is an independent consultant whose previous clients include Airbnb and other purpose-driven organizations. In the webinar, she sheds light on the importance of recognizing your core strengths and true calling during a time of reinvention.


Key Takeaways

  • Understanding uncertainty is the new norm
  • How to pivot and build agility into your business
  • How to bring out the best in yourself and your teams

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