MTM #70 & The Station: Maslow Meets The Business Model Canvas

Like the famous mixing of chocolate and peanut butter in the old Reese’s commercial, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Business Model Canvas are two great things that surprisingly go great together.

Maslow’s hierarchy ranges from physiological needs like food and sleep, all the way up to self-actualization.

The Business Model Canvas is a business plan in 11 boxes. According to presenter, Mark Annett, “It is by far one of the most useful tools for strategically analyzing a business that I have in my arsenal.” You should have it too!

By bringing these two models together, you get two great tools that work great together!

This virtual meetup event is for any type of business:

With COVID-19 throwing our economy into disarray, analyzing your business and how to meet/exceed your customer’s needs up and down Maslow’s Hierarchy has never been more important. Don’t worry if you’ve never seen the business model canvas before, as this meetup is a great introduction to the tool. However, for those that have already applied this method, you will gain a new appreciation for its capabilities (and a fresh new perspective).



Mark Annett has designed spinal implants and worked on neurological simulators and heart pumps. He is an angel investor, registered patent agent, Lean Startup competition winner, and lecturer (NJIT). Mark runs a think tank, where he nurtures new start-ups involved in interesting intellectual property – everything from robotics to snack food.


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